Audi RS3 TTRS (8V 8S) Flex Fuel Kit


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If you are running E85 or ethanol mixes in your Audi, you need this kit!

This is a complete plug and play kit to install a Bluetooth ethanol sensor in your Audi 2.5T in about 15 minutes. (Check compatibility for your platform below)

We offer this kit with the cromp tool standard included!

The kit includes the following:

New 5/16″ E85 compatible fuel lines for your engine bay
Genuine Continental ethanol sensor
Fuel-It! Bluetooth analyzer
5/16″ quick connect fitting
Oetiker crimp clamps to secure your new fuel lines
Bluetooth analyzer with an optional 0-5 volt analog output for use with the JB4 or analog gauge
Bluetooth (Iphone or Android app must be purchased to use this feature)
Crimp tool

This kit is compatible with the following

Audi TT RS MK3 8V (2015+)
Audi RS3 MK3 8V (2017+)

*Ethanol Sensors don’t actually read the ethanol content, the readings are based on the absence of gasoline, so if your fuel is contaminated your ethanol readings may be artificially elevated.

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