ValveSonic +

Genuine Brand New Milltek ValveSonic Plus Controller & Loom

Choose how you want your exhaust to sound: full-bore race soundtrack or refined and relaxed cruiser – with ValveSonic it’s your choice
The ValveSonic Plus is unlike any other exhaust valve control system. Seamless integration is enabled by existing buttons on the vehicles steering wheel meaning no additional buttons or remote controls are required. It also features a much simpler installation and smaller footprint for a discreet and OE like fitment.

The ValveSonic Plus will monitor a vast range of parameters like vehicle speed, RPM, gear selected and more to automatically control the operation of the electronic valves located in the rear silencers to control the level of noise emitted
Over 138 adjustable parameters
“OE” level of integration into the vehicles electronics to enable fast response and endless configuration options
Complete “Plug and Play” kit that does not require any cutting or modification to the vehicle’s wiring loom
Software-programmable ECU, For example, you may choose a higher or lower RPM opening-point based on your driving style or typical motorway cruising speed.which enables the you to customise your driving experience.
ValveSonic Plus, enables the driver to setup and configure the automatic modes of when the system will open and close the valves on the exhaust. Including new software configuration options that allow over 138 parameters to be adjusted. These new parameters include options to control the system by the drive mode (Comfort/Normal, Eco, Sport / Dynamic etc), control for the valves while the car is in warm up or cold start cycle, throttle position and within each gear.

Also due to its unique OE integration the ValveSonic Plus system can be used with either Milltek Sport exhausts that feature electronic valves or with original manufacturer fitted exhaust systems (again if fitted with electronic Valves from the factory).

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