V3-JDY Titanium Air Intake for Audi TTRS 8S /RS3 8V 8Y


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JDY Titanium Air Intake for Audi TTRS 8S RS3 8V 8Y is a high-end product designed to improve the performance and efficiency of the vehicle’s engine, provides the maximum airflow as the engine needed for 1350WHP . It features a 5-inch titanium intake pipe, a 6-inch air filter, and fits stock and JDY full-frame turbo kit.

1. 5-inch titanium intake pipe: This titanium pipe is made of high-quality titanium alloy, ensuring excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is designed to increase the airflow into the engine, thus enhancing the engine’s power output. color is from Titaninium natural heat treatment.  the pipe is d welded and polished, to ensure the minimum air drag.

2. 6-inch air filter: The air filter is made of high-quality synthetic material, ensuring high air permeability and low clogging. It allows more oxygen into the engine, and has a diameter of 5″*6″*10″.

3. First-stock and full-frame turbo kit: This turbo kit is designed to improve the boost pressure and increase the engine’s power output. It includes a high-performance turbocharger, boost controller, and other necessary components.


* High-quality titanium material for durability and longevity
* Designed to improve airflow and engine performance
* Compatible with stock turbocharger and engine specifications
* Easy installation process
* Efficient and reliable performance

* High-quality air filter.

JDY Titanium Air Intake for Audi TTRS 8S RS3 8V 8Y is a high-end performance modification that offers enhanced performance and efficiency for the vehicle’s engine. It is designed for those who  want to get the most out of their vehicle, test proven on real drag race cars!

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