-DVX HIGH FLOW Decat Downpipe RS3 8V2 – TTRS 8S 2.5 TFSi

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DVX HIGH FLOW Decat Downpipe RS3 8V2 – TTRS 8S 2.5 TFSi

DVX Performance is proud to present our in house developed catless downpipe.
On request of multiple tuners we made a HIGH FLOW downpipe with the minimum possible restrictions.

Starting from a 4″ V-band we continue in 4″ right to the drive shaft. With a smooth transition we pass by the drive shaft in 3.5″ and continues as such till we split up into 2x 2.75″. Right up to a 2.5″ connector for a perfect fit.

It results in less stress on a turbocharger in high rpm / high boost and improves throttle response, allowing to experience more powerfull linear boost

This downpipe has been hand made from a high stainless steel quality.
– 4″ and 3.5″ parts in 304 quality and 2mm thick
– 2.75″ and 2.5″ parts in 316 quality and 1.5mm thick
– flex and V-band in 316 quality

– Brushed Finish
– Back purged & TIG-welded
– DNWA or DAZA fitment
– Mates to OEM cat back system
– Direct bolt on fitting

A must have on high performance Hybrid setups.

This downpipe fits both DAZA and DNWA engines. Some tuners want to connect the temperature sensors into the downpipe. Some don’t, depending the opf off solution they use. If you tuner request to do so, please select the option: bungs for temp sensors.

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