do88 Audi RS3 (8V) / TT RS (8S) Carbon BeastFlow Open Intake System


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do88 proudly presents the Open Intake System for Audi RS3 and TT RS, engineered for high power outputs!

Taking on the amazing, five-cylinder roaring Audi RS3, we set out a number of targets. One, the output capability. With a few options on the market already, we had the ambition of bringing something that could cope with the round, yet hefty 1000 HP figure. Two, to the remove all bottlenecks, the diameter of both the air filter and the pipe itself naturally needed to be significant. Three, we wanted to create a fully enclosed system. However, having the filter completely free of its housing does improve the airflow. This is the kit for optimum airflow with a 5-10 % advantage over the enclosed system – depending on application! Something for the drag race enthusiast.

With these three elements, often combined but seldom optimized, we went to town. The result, we think, speaks for itself. To date, this is probably the biggest intake system for the TT RS and RS3 on the market! Crafted from the highest quality, vacuum infused, prepreg carbon fiber (twill 2x2mm) that connects to the massive 6” BMC filter, it makes sure the engine always has sufficient air supply! The pipe itself is 6” where it connects to the filter, and then tapers down towards the turbo, albeit never narrower than 4,5” in its tightest section!

Faced with the presence and the sheer size of this kit – you know we mean business! The robust yet light carbon is rounded off with a glossy, heat and UV resistant clear coat to protect it from yellowing over time. Appearance to match the performance!

The system comes in a few different layouts. It is compatible the 4,5” turbo inlet hose – for which you can choose three different turbo adapters – as well as the OE, cast inlet pipe. This makes the pipe versatile and compatible with many turbo setups! The addition of the do88 inlet hose effectively removes all bottlenecks prior to the turbo to avoid surge even with higher outputs!

Tests conducted in our SuperFlow SF1020 flow bench, clearly demonstrates the importance of this optional inlet hose. The inlet pipe alone offers a substantial 19% airflow increase. Combined with the 4,5” do88 inlet hose, the overall airflow increase is a whopping 76%! We strongly recommend this combination.